Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'll Remind You Again Next Week


I really just wanted to bump this information back to the top of the page, so ignore me if you're already on board for the cookie swap on November 20th.

What: A day of swapping cookies and such
When: Saturday, November 20th at 2:30pm
Where: La Casa de Burghbaby. The address will be distributed via email and twitter DM.
Who: Whoever you want. There's a Man Cave for locking up the men and a playroom for entertaining the little ones.
The premise: Bring 6-dozen cookies to the event and leave with a different 6-dozen cookies. If you're not a baker, no worries, we could use some appetizers and such to snack on while we're hanging out.
Important Detail: It's BYOB, folks.


  1. poo :( I'm a no for the cookie swap- my dad's side of the family is having a birthday party/Thanksgiving that day and I don't think I can swing both. Eat some cookies for me!

  2. Can't make it, even though I'd love to--friends in from out of town that have these *plans* and *ideas* about things to do in the city (none of which involve Casa de Burghbaby...dammit).

    Perhaps I can drag my sorry butt to the next dinner or happy hour thingy.