Monday, August 2, 2010

PodCamp is Coming! PodCamp is Coming!

There's a lot of talk floating around the internet about Pittsburgh PodCamp 5, and for good reason. If you've not attended a PodCamp in the past, you best hurry up and go over to register.

While the PodCamp site does a good job of outlining what it's all about, I think it may be worth explicitly stating why it could be of interest to someone who blogs for personal reasons, be it for a Mommy Blog or whatever. There is most certainly value even if you aren't involved in social meda for money or fame or anything other than yourself. While this year's full session list is still under development, in the past topics have included things like:

Blogging 101--How to set up a blog for the first time
Blogging 201--How to find blog fodder in daily life (You should go to this one. I have no reason for saying that. Except that I don't like standing in front of an empty room to talk. Ahem.)
WordPress--A session on using WordPress better
Blog Design--What works and what doesn't
Creative Commons--What it means and how you should use it to protect your words and photos
Privacy Issues--How invisible are you online?

And, really, sooooo much more. There is, literally, something for everyone. Whether you attend for just a few hours or for the full two days, I can guarantee that you will learn something. The best part? It's FREE. I personally have compared the BlogHer session schedule to the PodCamp one in the past, and found PodCamp to have a lot more that appealed to me. That's not even taking into consideration the drastic difference in price ($200 vs free) and travel expenses.

Those of you who have attended in the past, it would be dandy if you were to list some of your favorite sessions from prior years in comments. :-)

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